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From: angelo caduto
Subject: fellatio vi young-friends For some reason I was irritated. Mostly because I was horny, but mainly
because I was horny and Jimmy was late.
Since school had started we didn't get to see each other as much.
At the end of summer I saw him 5-6 times a week and found a way to
suck his cock (so he would suck mine) each time.
Once we started attending classes, I didn't enjoy being seen with Jimmy at
school. Fortunately we had different classes. The problem with being seen
with Jimmy was he was becoming more and more femmy.
Often after someone had seen Jimmy and I together, they would ask if that
was my 'girlfriend.' In a way he was, I mean just about every chance we got
to be alone I was sucking his cock and he mine. Unfortunately those get
togethers had to be on the weekend, now that we were back in school.
Our routine, with school in, was for him to come over to my house on
Saturday mornings and we would go into the woods to our tree-fort.
Occasionally, when my parents would both be working or out visiting, we
could stay indoors. That was the best because I would sneak some hand lotion
into my bed room. Along with mutual sucking we had begun to experiment with
some ass play.
I could get always get a couple fingers in Jimmy before he would come. I
liked the feel of his sphincter trembling against my index and middle
finger. If I wanted to work him to a second or third orgasm he could
accommodate three fingers. What ever I did to him, he did to me, so my ass
had swallowed up his fingers on many occasion.
As you may have lolita young, young lolitas guessed, Jimmy being a sissy boy didn't bother me a bit
when his lips were on my cock. The way to get his lips on my cock, was to
suck him off. It was that simple. I couldn't tell if Jimmy cared about
sucking me, but I knew if I gave him a blowjob I would get one in return,
tit for tat. As I have said before, I was learning I could get a www little hottest lolitas lot of what
I wanted if I could make a guy cum.
The mutual suck offs were very beneficial at this time in our lives. For
one, we were both very horny. For another, it wasn't like we were able to
date. For Jimmy it was a case of him being too much of a femme, for me I was
just too shy around girls.
It was like my lips were sealed shut when a girl walked into the room.
Jimmy's sister called me The Mute. It was especially hard to talk around her
because I had a crush on her. Jeannie was three years older than us and as
far as I was concerned a woman since she was already developed. She also
dressed in the styles that were prevalent of the time (1969). She would wear
mini-skirts that causes my penis to make its own fashion statement.
Unfortunately, I knew Jeannie wasn't concerned about my erect penis, she
was more interested in boys that had cars. As close as I would come to
having any contact with Jeannie was getting a blowjob from Jimmy.
So there I was, waiting for Jimmy, probably fantasizing about his sister
and angry because he was late. If he couldn't come over, the least he could
do was call. Blowjobs were much better than masturbating, but masturbating
kept me from going insane with horniness. What was especially bad about
Jimmy lola nude y o not being there was the fact that my mom and dad were out shopping for
a new car, so we would have had the house and a new bottle of Vaseline
Intensive Care to ourselves.
The telephone rang.
"Hello," I answer.
"Hi, how would you like to come over?" Jimmy said in a high pitch voice.
"Where are you and why are you talking like that," I asked.
"You'll see," he said, in the same voice, speaking kind of slow, I guess a
little like Mae West. "My parents took my sister to the orthodontist."
"So what, my parents are gone too, why aren't you here?" I repeated my
"Andy, just come over, I have a surprise," he said, his voice squeaking a
"Okay, but you owe me," I said and hung up. We both knew what 'owe' meant.
When one of us 'owed' the other, it meant a blowjob. Normally I didn't mind
going over to Jimmy's house. Any chance to see Jeannie was worth it. Today,
however, we had my house - who cares about his house, if Jeannie was not
there. It didn't dawn on me that Jeannie would maybe suddenly not be so
attractive with braces on her teeth.
I left a note for my parents and rode my bike over to Jimmy's place. When I
knocked on the door, Jimmy didn't answer, so I knocked again. Then the door
swung open, but no one was there.
I walked into the living room and there was Jimmy smiling.
He was smiling, wearing Jeannie's lolita top modling sites
clothes. He had on a Nehru shirt, love
beads, a mini-skirt and sandals. The sandals had a little heel 7 14 loli galleries
and Jimmy was
shifting from foot to foot to keep his balance.
"What are you doing?" I asked, but was kind of intrigued. Jimmy was playing
with my lust. I was horny and here he was wearing Jeannie's clothes.
Jimmy wasn't Jeannie, but there was a resemblance.
He didn't look too bad; he had on a wig, that I was pretty sure
wasn't Jeannie's, and he had boobs. www little hottest lolitas Jimmy's chest really projected, so I
knew he was probably stretching out Jeannie's bra. Jeannie's tits were nice
but they weren't the cannons that Jimmy had created.
"What do you think?" he asked in his 'girl voice.'
"Well I would like it better if you were Jeannie," I said, then added, "And
didn't have clothes on."
"Is that any way to talk to your lolia models private pics girlfriend?" he asked. He pushed the door
shut and walked away from me accentuating his swiveling hips, as he kept his
balance in the sandals.
I jumped forward and pinched his ass. Jimmy screeched in a mock delight.
"Don't swing your butt, unless you lola nude y o want me to screw it," I told him and he
bent forward pushing his ass toward me.
I walked forward and rubbed my crotch against his ass.
"Hey, smooth..." the skirt that Jimmy had on shifted in an odd way.
"It's the pantyhose," he said taking my hand from his hip and put it on his
thigh. "They www little hottest lolitas feel neat."
Jimmy really liked the role of a girl, that much was clear. As I rubbed his
thigh, moving my hand up his leg, he wiggled his butt against my erection.
In one motion; I slid my hand forward to his hard-on and leaned forward,
whispering in his ear, "I am going to screw you Jeannie."
"Call me 'Julie,'" he said. Apparently he had thought about his new girl
persona - Julie. I slipped my hand past the elastic of the pantyhose and
started to stroke his cock.
Jimmy reached back and pulled my hips against him. We had talked about
having anal sex, but Jimmy had always nixed the idea. Even my offer to give
him three blowjobs to let me screw his ass had not swayed the deal. The fact
that he didn't say anything about my 'screw you' comment, let me know that
today he really was going to be my 'girlfriend' for the day. I almost came
in my pants. I had fantasized about sex. Now I was going to 'get some' as I
had heard older boys say.
"Mmmmm," his girl voice said, "nice."
"You said it," I conferred. "Let me eat your...pussy...Julie."
I slipped down to my knees expecting Jimmy/Julie to turn around so I could
pleasure him, but he walked away, "No, in the bedroom."
He had disappeared, by the time I got up and went to the back of the house.
Instead of going to his room, he had gone into Jeannie's bedroom and was
laying on her bed.
"In here."
I crawled up the bed, pushing the skirt up. I licked his cock through the
pantyhose. There was a different scent, it wasn't Jimmy's, but that of his
older sister. Jimmy must have taken Jeannie's clothes from the laundry. I
liked the scent and liked him that way. It was a little rough on my tongue -
through the hose, but I could tell by 'Julie's girly voice,' that Jimmy was
loving it. So much so that Jimmy came in record time, right into the
pantyhose. His cum soon was seeping through the nylon.
"Now Julie, it is time for me to screw you," I said, getting up and
grabbing some Oil of Olay from Jeannie's dresser.
When I turned back to Jimmy, I saw that he had turned over and had lifted
his ups in the area. He was rolling the pantyhose down his legs. I took the
lotion and rubbed it on his sphincter.
"Don't get any on the skirt," Jimmy ordered, worried that his sister would
kill him if he ruined her new miniskirt.
I worked a finger in, then two. I had to move a little because my penis
rubbed against the nylon fabric of the pantyhose and I thought I was going
to cum. I was horny and ready to cum. And I didn't want to cum before
screwing Jimmy. Now I had to worry about getting any cum on the miniskirt!
As I worked on squeezing the third finger of my right hand into Jimmy, I
reached around and found his still lolita young, young lolitas erect penis. I stroked it and he relaxed
enough to let the third finger in.
"Are you going to screw me," Jimmy asked in his girly voice. He was really
getting into it, but I knew that I was going to 'owe' him big time. I didn't
want to dress up, but I knew I would have to let Jimmy put his cock in my
ass some time in the near future. The thought made me slowdown and be a
little more gentle.
Even as I was lusting over his ass, I knew all Jimmy had to do was spread
it around school that I slept with him and there would be no chance of me
every having a girlfriend.
"Yes Julie," I whispered.
To stretch Jimmy, I rotated my hand to stretch his sphincter horizontally.
"Are you ready?" I asked and Jimmy nodded.
I positioned myself behind him and positioned my cock right at his anus.
Jimmy tighten up and I waited. When is anus opened, I began to push in. He
tightened around me and I waited until he relaxed again. This time I pushed
faster, getting inside him, but his sphincter clenched around me. He was
tight, but the Oil of Olay was slick and I was able to slide in and out of
"Jimmy...ah Julie this is so nice," I said and it was VERY nice. About the
fifth thrust into him we heard a car door close.
"Is that your parents?" I asked, but of course he was in no position to see
who it was outside.
"I think it's Mr. Nelson," Jimmy answered. He was probably right, that was
the direction the sound came from. He added: "Jeannie's orthodontist is in
I really didn't want to stop, but being caught screwing Jimmy wasn't a
pleasant thought.
There was no way they were back, unless they forgot something and turned
around. I was too nervous to start again, until Jimmy trying to be
seductive, in his Julie voice, said, "Andy aren't you going to screw me?"
"Yes," and I started to slide in and out of him. I looked at the back of
his head, with the wig on and Jeannie's clothes, I imagined screwing Jimmy's
sister until I came. It wasn't better than oral sex, I had taught Jimmy
well, but it was very good.
I hesitated sliding out of him.
"That felt cumming I mean," Jimmy said, losing his girl voice.
"Yeah," I said, "But really good too."
I began to slide out of him.
"Be careful," he told me.
"Why, does that hurt?" I asked.
"No, I don't want to get the skirt dirty."
I looked over at the dresser and there were some facial tissues. I slowly
backed out of Jimmy. When I was out I hopped over to the dresser, grabbed
some tissues and was back. Jimmy had his hand on his ass, holding back my
cum. I gave him the tissues and he damned up my cum.
When he had sopped up most of what was draining out of him, Jimmy turned
over, smiling, dorki info lolita models
"That was fun. Do you want to do that again?"
I didn't know if he meant right then or some time later. I didn't get a
chance to respond because we heard another car door. This time we took no
chances and scurried out of Jeannie's bedroom into Jimmy's. I helped him get
undressed and while he was dressing in his clothes I scouted.
It wasn't his family.
When I came back he showed me how the pantyhose had cum on them and some
had dripped on to the skirt. It was probably from when I gave Jimmy a
blowjob. We made a couple futile attempts to clean the skirt and decided
that we better put it in the washing machine. Of course we learned the hard
way that it was a dry clean only skirt.
Though his parents didn't find out why we put the skirt in the washing
machine, it did lead to Jimmy being grounded for two weeks.
A long, horny two weeks.
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